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Protecting Your Home
A Sedmack Insurance and Financial Services Homeowner policy offers broad coverage for physical damage and liability for your home and property. Your independent agent can work with you to choose the right coverages to protect your home. Some of the many coverages you can add include:
* Earthquake
* Backup of sewers and drains
* Computer equipment
* Jewelry, artwork and collectibles
* Identity theft

These discounts can help reduce your premium (some may not be available in all states):
* Loss Free
* Multi-Policy
* Premises Alarm System

Adequately Insuring Your Home
If you are like most homeowners, your home is the largest investment you will ever make. To help protect your investment, Sedmack Insurance and Financial Services uses a method known as "Replacement Cost" to determine the value of your home and help ensure that you have enough coverage to repair or rebuild it in the event of a loss. Repairing or rebuilding your home costs more than new construction because:
* Restoring your home requires more specialized, highly skilled contractors
* There may be other expenses incurred, such as debris removal or complying with current building codes
* Restoration for each home is unique
* Partial repairs are more costly
Any improvements you make to your home such as adding decks finishing basements and renovating kitchens can also add to the replacement costs. Your homeowners insurance needs to be adjusted accordingly to ensure you have adequate coverage. Sedmack Insurance and Financial Services recommends that you contact your agent annually to review all your insurance needs.

Claims Service
If you have a claim, Sedmack Insurance and Financial Services is there for you in your time of need with fair, fast and reliable claims service. Call our 24-Hour Loss Reporting Center at (800) 445-3030 or your Sedmack Insurance and Financial Services agent to report a claim .

About Sedmack Insurance and Financial Services
Sedmack Insurance and Financial Services, with $2 billion in assets in excess of $1 billion in annual revenue, is an insurance provider based in Columbus, Ohio. Through its network of independent agents, Sedmack Insurance and Financial Services offers auto, home, life and business insurance protection. Established in 1935, the company and its affiliates serve policyholders in Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin. For more information, visit www.sedmackinsurance.com

Now that you know all the risks that are out there, talk to your independent Sedmack Insurance and Financial Services agent today to make sure you are protected.

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