The "No Problem" Simplified-Issue 5-Year Level Term Life policy offers affordable protection for short-term needs.

Many people purchase items such as cars, boats, recreational vehicles, and home furnishings on credit. Some take out loans to pay their taxes or medical bills, or to consolidate their debts. Others have short-term needs such as college expenses or other family commitments. If one of the family's wage earners dies before the loan or commitment is satisfied, the family may be left in financial peril.
To help protect families against this risk, Sedmack Insurance and Financial Services is pleased to offer the "No Problem" Simplified-Issue 5-Year Level Term Life Insurance policy.

Recommended for people with short-term loans (10 years or less) for items such as:
* Automobiles
* Boats
* Motorcycles
* Recreational vehicles
* Debt consolidation

Policy features:
* No physical exam
* No medical tests
* No height and weight restrictions
* Policy amounts from $10,000 to $50,000

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