Yes, the building is covered. But who is going to replace your stuff if it is damaged by water, smoke or fire? It is not going to be the landlord...

Sedmack Isurance and Financial Service, your independent agent, understands how you want to live your life. More and more people are choosing to rent these days. But while the building you live in is covered if some type of mishap takes place, if you do not have Renters' Insurance, you could be looking to replace all your "stuff" by yourself.

Our Renters' Insurance policies provide physical damage protection for the contents of your apartment or rental home, along with liabilty coverage to protect you and your family from the unexpected. Renters' Insurance is affordable but more importantly- can you afford not to have it?

Property Protection

A Renters' policy protects your belongings from all kinds of potential losses, including those caused by fire, explosion, smoke, windstorm, hail, vandalism or theft, weight of ice and sleet, and damage from frozen plumbing.

Liability Protection

What happens if something happens to a visitor to your home? With our Renters' coverage, you'll be covered for medical and legal expenses if someone suffers an injury or their property is damaged.

With a Renters' policy, you are covered for stuff you have probably never even thought about. But as an insurance agent, we have seen just about everything. Check with us for a complete list, but here is just some of what is covered:

* If the building collapses all your stuff is covered up to the policy limit

*Credit card, electronic funds transfer card, forgery at $1,000

*Loss Assessment at $1,000

*Personal Liability up to $500,000 and Medical Payments up to $5,000

*Theft or jewelry, watches, precious stones at $1,000

Get extra coverage with Tenant Protection Plus

For just a little more, you can get additional peace of mind with the Tenant Protection Plus endorsement, which includes coverage for things like lock replacement for lost keys: personal property replacement cost (e.g. you replace your zapped TV with a comparable new one rather than actual cash value loss settlement, which includes a deduction of depreciation, on the set you bought in 2004): and refrigerated food replacement up to $500 due to interruption of electrical service.


Having Renter's policy automatically qualifies you for additional discounts, such as being loss-free, having multiple policies or having an alarm system.

Now that you know all the risks that are out there, talk to Sedmack Insurance and Financial Service agents today to make sure you are protected.

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